Allegheny County Charts 2024 Transportation Priorities

Federal transportation funding is spurring major projects around the country, including in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. An article by Sydney Carruth in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette runs down what residents can expect in 2024.

In transit news, “Pittsburgh Regional Transit took the first steps toward a years-long Bus Line Redesign Project that will continue into the new year. “The department said many of its bus lines don’t reflect how riders travel post pandemic. The study will address areas of the county not currently served by bus lines and update existing routes to directly link more neighborhoods together, expanding service out of Downtown…”

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh International Airport expanded its routes in 2023 and will continue to do so in 2024, while “PennDOT will receive $143.6 million in 2024 for rail improvements designed to allow Amtrak to add a second daily passenger train to the Pennsylvanian route.” Other rail projects will assess the feasibility of expanding rail lines to other Ohio cities and Chicago.

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