ICYMI: Pennsylvania Approves Over 1000 Projects, Pledges $335 Million in Grants for Infrastructure and Arts Recovery

The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary Rick Siger recently announced a significant boost to Pennsylvania’s infrastructure and cultural sectors. A total of 1018 new projects have been approved through the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA), amounting to a whopping $335 million in grants.

This latest round of CFA awards reflects the Shapiro Administration’s commitment to strengthening communities, enhancing infrastructure, and stimulating economic development across the state.

Secretary Siger highlighted the administration’s commitment to delivering tangible results for Pennsylvanians. He emphasized that these substantial investments are geared towards creating safer, healthier communities across the Commonwealth. The scope of these projects is wide-ranging, from critical infrastructure improvements to supporting artists and cultural organizations financially impacted by the pandemic.

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