Cars and roads will soon get smarter. Morgan State students are paving the way with new tech.

As the van looped around the intersection at Hillen Road and Argonne Drive, its onboard lidar unit — think radar but fancier — warned the driver to watch out for cyclists in the nearby bike lane. The driver approached the intersection with Cold Spring Lane to the north as Ali Ansariyar, a graduate student at Morgan State University, clicked through various data tabs on a tablet that showed readings from the lidar in real time…

That reality is closer than you may think. And the students and professors at Morgan State University testing some of that technology believe the implications for roadway safety could be groundbreaking.

“Vehicles are becoming more and more safe with adding those ADAS — advanced driver assistance [systems], you have cameras … you have lane assist, all that stuff the new cars have,” said Dr. Mansoureh Jeihani, a professor and director of the National Transportation Center at Morgan State University.

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