Gridlock Guy: Intelligent left turns are decreasing wrecks in one Gwinnett city

Left turns are necessary, but they are also one of the most dangerous routine things that drivers do. The latest innovation from a local smart traffic technology firm is looking to make these maneuvers safer and more sensible. They have deployed intelligent left-turn technology in Peachtree Corners, and the results, so far, have been sizable…

“(The intelligent left turn) uses a detector to pick up the trajectory of the cars that are approaching and provides you information — flashing lights — when it is unsafe to go across…”

Mulligan’s Applied Information and tech incubator iATL, based in Alpharetta, partners with the public and private sectors to implement these systems. In Marietta, for example, smart traffic technology turns traffic lights green for firetrucks. This has decreased firetruck crashes to zero in the six years since installing it, Mulligan said.

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