Driverless race cars on track for April debut in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit, the scene of last month’s Formula One season-ender, will be a testing ground over the coming weeks for a race car driven by software algorithms rather than any human hand.
The driverless Dallara Super Formula SF23 open-wheel cars, which are used in Japan’s Super Formula series and are capable of hitting speeds of 300 kilometers per hour (186 miles per hour), have a computer in place of the cockpit and no need for a steering wheel, seat, pedals or protective halo.

The cars are the stars of the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) which is set to hold its inaugural race at the circuit on April 28, 2024, with a prize fund of $2.25 million.

Ten single-car teams will be involved in the first year but organizers accept the science is not yet there for all to race together at speed.

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