What you should know about NYC’s new ‘smart curbs’

Shrinking curb space across New York City is an issue the Department of Transportation (DOT) has been tracking closely.

The DOT is now creating a pilot program that allows people in one part of Manhattan to track the issue on their own.

A big portion of the Upper West Side is becoming the first “smart curbs” neighborhood.

The “smart curbs” program utilizes an online feedback map which allows New Yorkers to pinpoint places where they see curb-related problems like double parking, truck deliveries, and parking availability.

The DOT says the feedback will guide new curb layouts and help reshape city streets to meet 21st-century demands.

Along with this, the department says it will be holding a pair of workshops next month to boost outreach about the program.

The workshops will give people the chance to provide direct feedback on the state of curb space in that area.

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