700,000 Trips and Counting

This week in the autonomy economy, The Road to Autonomy Index returned 4.21%, Waymo announced they completed over 700,000 autonomous rides in 2023 and the California Department of Motor Vehicles accused Tesla of falsely advertising “Full Self-Driving”.

The market for autonomy has changed a lot in 2023, some for the better and some for the worse. While the market has changed, there has been one consistency in the robo-taxi business, Waymo. Waymo continues to operate a successful robo-taxi business in multiple cities at a high-level.

With Waymo on track to surpass 1 million autonomous rides a year, the attention now turns to the business of Waymo. It’s a topic that we are focused on for 2024 and we are looking for Alphabet to offer more guidance in the coming quarters about the Waymo business.

Heading into 2024, Waymo is the clear leader in the development and commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Waymo is poised to gain significant marketshare over the coming years as GM works to reboot Cruise.

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