New York says work zone speed camera pilot program has been effective

A day after his 66th birthday in 2006, New York state Department of Transportation highway maintenance worker Patrick Mapleson was hit and killed by a speeding cement truck while filling potholes…

New York launched an Automated Work Zone Speed Monitoring Pilot Program in April 2023 and begin issuing fines in May. Through Nov. 22, it said the state issued more than 130,000 notices of liability, the vast majority from Long Island, Rochester-Finger Lakes region highways and the Thruway.”There have been multiple incidents across the state of vehicles traveling at like insane speeds in work zones, more than one at speeds of over 130 miles an hour,” Associated General Contractors of New York State President Mike Elmendorf said…

The initial fine is $50 followed by $75 and $100 for ensuing violations. Unpaid fines can impact the status of registration but penalties under the automated program are not as severe as traditional speeding tickets, including no points on licenses.

Elmendorf said while he’s not sure the Legislature will expand the five-year pilot this session, stricter punishments could be the next step.

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