Watch for AI to Find Its Way Into Smart City Upgrades

It should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence is making its way into the smart city space as the mechanism for sifting the massive amounts of data that urban tech requires and generates.

Generative AI can test, explain, generate, audit and translate code, said Alison Brooks, research vice president for Worldwide Public Safety at International Data Corporation (IDC), a consulting company for the IT, telecommunications and consumer technology markets…

Using AI to crunch data will not likely be lost on city technologists as they deploy digital infrastructure to manage parking, traffic or other features of modern city life. Countless municipalities have upgraded infrastructure like streetlights, transitioning these to LEDs, sure, but have also taken the opportunity to deploy smart city sensors and other devices at scale…

Technologies like smart infrastructure will be increasingly turned to as cities seek to address big concerns like climate change or resiliency, said Brooks. And all of this data will need to be understood and harnessed for jobs across departments, another area where generative AI can step in.

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