Where are all the robot trucks?

When legislation requiring heavy trucks to have a human operator onboard sailed through the California legislature earlier this year, the coalition of labor organizations backing it knew their victory wasn’t sealed quite yet.

They were right. Weeks after the bill’s passage, Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed it, arguing it would stifle innovation in the state. Teamsters and their elected allies vowed to not back down in their campaign against fully autonomous trucking.

The battle over the legislation, AB 316, may presage a broader fight over self-driving trucks ahead of what is set to be a critical year for the technology as it begins to be rolled out in earnest…

Kodiak Robotics, which boasts partnerships with Maersk, CR England, and Ikea, is also planning to launch driverless trucks in 2024…

Torc Robotics, for example, has set a target of 2027 for the production of the driverless trucks it has been developing in a partnership with the manufacturing giant Daimler Truck.

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