Smart Cities Connect 2023: How Environmental Factors Drive Municipal Investments

Municipal officials gathered this week in National Harbor, Md., to share lessons learned from smart cities projects, and a panel on Thursday reflected on how the environment affected infrastructure planning.

In Mesa, Ariz., city officials recently took a hard look at engineering standards for building fiber networks, Harry Meier, Mesa’s deputy CIO for innovation, said at Smart Cities Connect 2023.

With an interest in creating more infrastructure to get people online and build digital equity, the city loosened its engineering standards for laying fiber…

San Jose Measures Energy Use for Building Performance
In 2018, San Jose, Calif., adopted its Climate Smart San Jose plan. Soon after, the City Council passed its Energy and Water Building Performance Ordinance with the goal of managing energy and water consumption…

New Orleans Shares Data with Citizens for Emergency Management..While responding to those calls, New Orleans realized it could keep the public informed of flooding trouble spots by sharing that information through online geospatial information systems mapping, said New Orleans CIO Kimberly Walker LaGrue.

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