How Important Is Surveillance Tech on Public Transit?

Amidst growing public safety concerns, a major transit agency is evolving its use of surveillance technology to introduce new cameras in different places…

A poll conducted to determine why riders haven’t returned to the service revealed public safety and cleanliness concerns. More than half of 1,000 survey respondents had witnessed or been a victim of a crime on BART. Meanwhile, 85 percent of BART riders who have reduced or eliminated their usage said they would ride the system more often if it was significantly cleaner and safer…

But according to annual public reports published in compliance with BART’s Surveillance Technology Ordinance, riders also complain regularly about a lack of CCTV coverage.

Since FY 2020, the agency has received 81 complaints about its CCTV system due to a lack of surveillance coverage for train-related incidents, or parking lot vandalism and theft. No complaints were filed about privacy concerns in the same period.

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