Smart Cities Connect: Syracuse Focuses on Vision Zero and Digital Empowerment

n 2020, StateTech named Syracuse, N.Y., as a top Smart City to Watch. On Nov. 28, Syracuse Director of Strategic Initiatives Jennifer Tifft will participate in Smart Cities Connect 2023 on a panel, The National Standards Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technology and Implications for Smart Cities and Communities. The conference, hosted by the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md., explores issues regarding the design and adoption of networks supporting the Internet of Things and related technologies…

What has Syracuse been doing within its smart city space since we last chatted a few years ago?
TIFFT: We are playing a much more proactive role in certain areas than we envisioned in 2020. I grouped our focus these past few years in three key buckets.

The first is around continuing to grow operational capabilities related to the Internet of Things and other advanced technologies that are directly used by departments. So, we are thinking about municipal operations and municipal infrastructure. The focus is creating additional capability that leverages these emerging technologies.

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