Automated shuttle planned for Detroit starts safety testing at Mcity

Testing of a new automated shuttle is underway at the University of Michigan’s Mcity Test Facility to ensure the technology is ready to safely serve older adults and people with disabilities in the city of Detroit.

Earlier this month, U-M researchers kicked off several months of testing with an automated vehicle provided by May Mobility, a leader in the development and deployment of AV technology.

The vehicle under test is identical to those destined for Detroit. The evaluation is taking place at the Mcity Test Facility—the world’s first purpose-built environment for testing connected and automated vehicles and technologies under controlled, realistic conditions. The shuttle will undergo a two-part test developed by Mcity, called the Mcity Safety Assessment Program.

The protocol includes:

A “Driver’s License Test” that serves a purpose similar to a human driver’s test, measuring basic competency in ordinary scenarios.
A “Driving Intelligence Test” that challenges AV software with a diverse set of dangerous driving scenarios—representing those that most often result in crashes, injuries and fatalities.

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