Self-driving truck lane more than 20 miles long being developed in Central Texas

TxDOT is partnering with a company to launch a program designed to improve self-driving trucks on Texas roadways.

The technology will focus on a 21-mile stretch of State Highway 130 from Georgetown to Del Valle.
By next year, special poles will be set up. It’s part of a project TxDOT and startup Cavnue are working on called the “smart freight corridor.”

“This infrastructure include cameras, radar, other communication, hardware, as well as machine learning, as this is where we can use AI to our benefit. This digital infrastructure will eventually accommodate with self-driving freight vehicles and can benefit all users of the roadway,” said TxDOT spokesperson Brad Wheelis.

Cavnue will set up the technology along a 21-mile stretch of the road in Central Texas. It will have a focus on trucks.

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