Using your iPhone to start your car is about to get a lot easier /

Digital keys could become more popular and more ubiquitous after automakers and the consumer tech industry came together to announce the formation of a new working group to develop industrywide standards for ultra wideband (UWB) connectivity.

The working group is the result of two consortiums teaming up (don’t you love it when consortiums consort with other consortiums?): the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), which includes Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and most major car companies as members; and FiRa Consortium, a nonprofit that supports UWB and includes Apple, Google, Cisco, Samsung, Qualcomm, and others as members.

The result is a working group with a name that truly defies comprehension: the Joint Ultra-wideband (UWB) MAC PHY Working Group (JUMPWG)…

The goal is to get all the phone and carmakers in the same room to talk about what it will take to develop safe, reliable standards that everyone can agree on because no one wants to be blamed for cybersecurity breaches or hackers misusing the technology to steal people’s cars. (Some automakers have already made that easy enough as it is.)

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