NYC reveals plans to build air taxi infrastructure as test flights hit its skies

  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced today that the downtown Manhattan heliport would add the infrastructure necessary to support electric-powered aircraft that take off and land vertically. “We’re going to reimagine the assets as a new hub for sustainable transportation,” he said.
  • Joby Aviation flew its eVTOL aircraft from New York City’s downtown heliport in Manhattan on Sunday and today, marking the first flight of an air taxi in the city. Volocopter, a Germany-based eVTOL company, announced that it also completed a test flight at New York City’s public showcase of the technology following other U.S. flights in Las Vegas; Tampa, Florida; and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. ..
  •  Archer Aviation CEO and founder Adam Goldstein named Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, South Florida and Texas as potential future markets for advanced air mobility service on the company’s Nov. 9 earnings call.

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