Cruise’s recall means trouble for driverless car companies

-Cruise recalled its entire driverless car fleet after they were banned in California following a fatality.
-Now other driverless car companies are facing questions over the safety of their vehicles.
-Unions claim all driverless cars are “unsafe” and called for investigations into Waymo and Beep…

Cruise has admitted that its vehicles require regular interventions from humans working in remote operations centers, and they still struggle to deal with rare events.

Gavin Jackson, the boss of UK-based self-driving startup Oxa, previously told Insider that the key barrier to fully self-driving cars was the inability to collect enough data to train cars to deal with these kind of situations…

Jackson said reaching this “holy grail” of driverless technology was a monumental challenge likely to take “decades” to achieve.

“The ultimate goal is to have software that has the experience, the knowledge, and the expertise to drive everywhere,” he said. “When it comes to generalized AI that can do that, we’re so far away from that.”

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