Ghost, now OpenAI-backed, claims LLMs will overcome self-driving setbacks — but experts are skeptical

It’s not hyperbolic to say that the self-driving car industry is facing a reckoning…

But one startup says it holds the key to safer self-driving technology — and thinks that this key will convince the naysayers.

Ghost Autonomy, a company building autonomous driving software for automaker partners, this week announced that it plans to begin exploring the applications of multimodal large language models (LLMs) — AI models that can understand text as well as images — in self-driving. To realize this, Ghost has partnered with OpenAI through the OpenAI Startup Fund to gain early access to OpenAI systems and Azure resources from Microsoft, OpenAI’s close collaborator, plus a $5 million investment…

According to Hayes, Ghost is piloting software that relies on multimodal models to “do higher complexity scene interpretation.” suggesting road decisions (e.g. “move to the right lane”) to car-controlling hardware based on pictures of road scenes from car-mounted cameras.

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