First Drive: BMW’s New 5 Series Lets You Actually Steer With Your Eyeballs, and We Road-Tested It

As a sign of the times, for the first media test-drives of its eighth-generation 5 Series sedan, BMW presented just two models, both electric-powered vehicles…

The new 5 Series also takes BMW’s “ultimate driving machine” schtick in a startling new direction. An available adaptive cruise-control system allows you to steer the car from lane to lane on the freeway using only your eyeballs. ..

As in other cars with advanced Level 2+ autonomous drive systems, the BMW 5 Series can figure out whether it’s safe to change lanes to the left or to the right and will let you know when the maneuver can be made. Unlike other cars, though, you don’t have to touch the steering wheel or tap the turn-signal stalk to make it happen. Instead, you just look to the left or right at the exterior rearview mirror you would normally check before making a lane change, and the BMW will activate the correct turn-signal move all by itself.

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