Inside SEPTA Artist’s Augmented Reality Public Art Project

Forman Arts Initiative (FAI) and Mural Arts (MA) recently announced “Philly Daydreams: Stories In Transit,” a new augmented reality public art project to be exhibited throughout Philadelphia’s transit system by Indian-American artist and filmmaker Anula Shetty.

The project will be on view through the end of the year…

Through an augmented reality series of stories, daydreams, thoughts, and performances that Shetty has filmed, “Philly Daydreams” allows travelers to be virtually accompanied on their journeys by fellow Philadelphians.

QR-triggered photographs taken by Shetty replace the advertising space on select trains and anyone with a phone can activate a transit story.

Shettyʼs project explores public transportation as a service that unites people through a shared experience…

Shetty said she is always thinking of ways technology can provide a stronger connection to nature and individuals.

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