“Dropped calls, bad service, text messages won’t go through:” Why some say 5G is working worse than 4G

Technology continues to advance…

The next generation of cellular technology is here to stay. 5G rolled out just a few years ago, aiming to provide users with a faster network, quicker streaming and download times.

Cell phone users from all over the area say they have had more issues with 5G than 4G…

Swarun Kumar, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, said in many places, 5G is actually slower than 4G.

“Think of this from the operators’ point of view. They are ruling out a new network. There are going to be bugs; there are going to be issues. They’re going to have to access how many users are on the new network rather than the old network, ” he explained.

He went on to explain there are not as many 5G resources available as 4G.

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