State House bypasses Pittsburgh City Council and mayor to force return of e-scooters

Almost a month after a lawsuit was filed on Sept. 6 against the City of Pittsburgh by people injured on the rental scooters, the PA House of Representatives adopted legislation on Oct. 4 that would force the city to run another pilot program for another year. The amendment was attached to a bill critical to fund the state government. The Senate version of the bill does not yet include the scooter mandate.

The e-scooter amendment was added to the state budget bill by the House majority leader, State Rep. Matthew Bradford (D-Montgomery). The legislation mandates Mayor Ed Gainey to issue an executive order by Dec. 31, 2023, authorizing a one-year pilot project in which the rental scooters would be allowed in Pittsburgh and nowhere else in the state…

The proposed pilot calls for Pittsburgh to post a report on the scooters, including how many rides were taken, how many riders were involved in accidents, how many scooters were abandoned outside of corrals, how many riders were fined for violating local ordinances, and information on the safety, mobility and the economic impacts of the program.

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