Need to find a bike rack in Atlanta? There’s an app for that

The Atlanta Department of Transportation has launched a new application with the goal of making parking for bikers easier. They’re calling it ATL Rack ‘n Ride.

City leaders say the goal of this initiative isn’t just to create an inventory of the current bike racks throughout the city but also to find out where more are needed…

“We’re really just trying to figure out all of those multimodal connections and really just identify where the gaps are that are maybe barriers for people who would choose to cycle,” Ashley Finch, Shared Micromobility Coordinator for ATLDOT, explained.

Finch said they then plan to take that information and add racks where needed.

“We really see accessible mobility options as being key to improving traffic congestion. And so, it’s really important to our goals as a department to give people options to have other mobility opportunities,” she added.

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