Europe Reluctantly Chooses SpaceX to Launch Its GPS Satellites

SpaceX has reached a deal to launch four Galileo satellites next year in coordination with the European Space Agency, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Two launches on Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 rockets will add to the 28 satellites currently orbiting Earth in Europe’s global navigation system.

The deal still must reach a final approval by the European Union’s executive branch, which is likely to happen before the end of 2025. A spokesperson for the European Commission told the WSJ they are “taking all necessary steps to ensure that the Galileo constellation continues to provide outstanding services in the coming months and years…”

The European Commission has recently come at odds with Musk over his content moderation at X, accusing the billionaire of allowing misinformation to flourish. Just last week, Insider reported that Musk was considering pulling X from Europe altogether in response to new regulation enacted by the commission.

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