70+ cities, groups report progress a year after committing to shared-mobility goals

Even as some shared-mobility systems have struggled financially, proponents view the concept of car-share, bike-share, shared scooters and microtransit as essential to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and providing more equitable options. “We need to secure a more just and sustainable future with abundant public transportation options and more shared mobility,” said Stephanie Lotshaw, executive director at advocacy organization TransitCenter, in a press release. TransitCenter is a partner and researcher in the SUMC’s action agenda.

The Shared-Use Mobility Center published its first annual report detailing how more than 70 partner cities, transportation providers and private-sector companies have worked since last year toward their collective 2030 goal to make “shared mobility a more attractive option than personal car ownership,” the report states…

While growing sales of electric vehicles and the shift toward electric buses grab headlines, “electrification by itself won’t address the much harder systemic problems of inequality, safety, and affordability that are endemic to our car-centric mobility systems,” said Shared-Use Mobility Center CEO Benjamin de la Peña in a press release.

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