People’s Low Trust and High Confusion Are the Nemesis of Self-Driving Tech, Study Suggests

JD Power has an interesting approach to monitoring consumers’ stance towards automated vehicles. The data analytics, software, and consumer intelligence company partnered with the MIT Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) Consortium for a unique “Mobility Confidence Index Study.”

Basically, this is a helpful tool for the industry to understand what people understand or misunderstand about automated driving. Self-driving cars were hyped not too long ago as an imminent revolution, but the harsh reality is that society distrust is on the rise.
Consumers don’t know what they don’t know
The US Mobility Confidence Index (MCI) Study uses a 100-point scale to summarize the public confidence in self-driving vehicles from ride-hailing companies and fully-automated public transport…

The Mobility Confidence Index was first assessed in 2019. Entities managing the study aim to understand “consumer viewpoints on automated vehicle comfort level, willingness to purchase, and roadblocks/enablers to acceptance.”

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