GM, Cruise and Honda to launch robotaxi service in Japan

General Motors, self-driving car subsidiary Cruise and Honda plan to launch a robotaxi service in Japan under a new joint venture, the three companies announced today.

The companies intend to launch the service with the custom-built Cruise Origin vehicles in central Tokyo in early 2026. The service will start with dozens of Cruise Origins. The fleet will eventually expand to 500 Cruise Origin vehicles, the companies said, adding that the plan is to scale the service area beyond central Tokyo…

The joint venture between GM, Cruise and Honda is an extension of a well-established partnership. Honda and GM have collaborated since 2013 when the companies started working on hydrogen fuel cell systems. The Cruise Origin, the product of a multi-year collaboration with parent company GM and investor Honda, was unveiled in January 2020. Two years later, GM and Honda announced plans to co-develop affordable electric vehicles that will launch in North America in 2027.

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