NYC plans greenway expansion amid concern about cycling deaths

New York City plans to build 60 miles of greenway corridors that will include more than 40 miles of new protected bike lanes in the city, according to an Oct. 12 announcement.

Buoyed by $7.25 million in federal grant dollars, the greenway expansion includes corridors in underserved areas in Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx. The locations were chosen based on factors including equity, park access, transportation utility and economic development, a news release says.

“With more New Yorkers biking than ever, [the expansion] will connect every corner of our city with this safer, greener mode of transportation,” said Mayor Eric Adams in a statement.

The city’s transportation department and parks department will collaborate in the coming years with the NYC Economic Development Corporation to develop implementation plans for each corridor, according to a news release. New implementation plans will kick off roughly every six months for the next two years.

The work will include short-term projects, such as sign installation, as well as long-term projects that make more complex improvements and will be constructed with future capital funds.

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