Pittsburgh’s MovePGH experiment is over, but it could still shape the city

Spin’s orange-and-black electric scooters may yet return to Pittsburgh, but the city-led experiment that first brought them here is over.

“As a formal entity, MovePGH no longer exists,” said Maria Montaño, press secretary for Mayor Ed Gainey. “That pilot has run its course.”

MovePGH hit the streets in 2021 under former Mayor Bill Peduto and DOMI’s then-director, Karina Ricks. The aim was to provide abundant, diverse transportation options to help more people get around without a private vehicle.

The project introduced “hubs” that grouped together transportation options ranging from POGOH bikes and Spin scooters to bus stops and designated ride-hailing spots. City officials also encouraged people to use a sort of digital hub, an app called Transit where residents could see all the different transportation modes and knit them together.

MovePGH ended administratively, but the project’s physical and digital infrastructure remains, which raises questions about what residents may expect from the city and the companies it orchestrated to bring MovePGH to life.

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