The “Jetsons” era of personal flight is getting closer

Personal flying machines are almost here, and anyone with the money and a few hours of training will be able to fly one.

Why it matters: Many people dream of flying, but getting a pilot certificate takes time, studying and dedication — plus small aircraft can be dangerous and expensive to own and operate.

With new technologies — some borrowed from electric cars and video games — it’ll soon be easier, safer and comparatively affordable for novices to take flight in their own aircraft.
Behold the Jetson ONE — a “jet ski in the sky,” as CEO Stéphan D’haene describes it — which is available for $98,000, about the same price as a high-end Mercedes.

Driving the news: The Jetson ONE made its inaugural U.S. flight this week at the UP. Summit in Dallas, an invitation-only gathering of entrepreneurs and investors focused on the future of transportation.

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